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First release 1.0 final

A searching dialog provides you with attribute selection and dynamic query weighting possibilities. The result view shows document snippets with highlighted search terms together with query and searching context relevances.

DynaQ offers the concept of 'relevance feedback' - simply mark your documents as relevant, and these and similar ones will appear higher inside the result list.

The results will be presented similar as known from other searching engines - with some benefits.

Instead of specifying the query on your own (pull), the document details view offers you 'related documents' by push. This means that the search criteria are pre-configured, and you can choose between the presented results.

Since there are thousands of blogs inside the blogosphere, it is hard to choose between them. DynaQ offers a concept to first search for blogs of potential interest with the great Technorati searching engine. In a second step, you can explore the results with the whole DynaQ searching facilities, to choose which blogs are of REAL interest for you. Afterwards, you simply subscribe them for DynaQ with a single click.

A document stack named 'document pool' helps you to remember interesting documents - open pools are persisted between application starts.

Some simple configuration forms gives you the possibility to specify the sources for indexing, to use native viewer applications for the search results, specify your index locations, etc.

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